Corporate Climate Policy Engagement

Beta Version

U.S. Corporate Climate Policy Engagement

This platform provides critical information on corporate engagement with climate policy in the United States. While the platform is under development, this Beta version (available for use in the short term) currently offers:

  • InfluenceMap's rankings and profiles for over 130 of the largest and most climate-relevant US companies assessed under the LobbyMap system, found below;

  • An Industry Associations tab with information on the climate policy engagement of U.S. industry associations;

  • A Policy Tracker tab, which can be used to track corporate policy engagement on specific US climate policies, focusing on an initial list of US federal policies.

The US Corporate Climate Policy Landscape

The diagram below maps out the climate policy engagement of the largest and most climate-relevant companies operating in the United States (please see FAQs for how these companies are chosen).

The X axis (Total Score) charts the position of a company and its industry associations towards Paris-aligned climate policy, from oppositional (left) to supportive (right). The Y axis (Engagement Intensity) indicates how actively the company alone is engaging with climate policy, with the most engaged companies at the top of the graph. Hover over the graph to see more details on individual companies, and find each company's full metrics and online profile in the table below.

InfluenceMap maintains the world’s leading database of corporate and industry association lobbying of climate policy around the globe, covering over 400 companies and 200 industry groups globally. Full details of what our metrics mean are contained within the info icons. A full explanation of our methodology can be found here.

List of U.S. Companies

The ranking table below lists the companies that appear in the graph above. Click on the name of a company to be redirected to the full profile on its climate policy engagement.

Influencemap Performance BandOrganizationEngagement Intensity
B-Edison International52UtilitiesNorth America
DEli Lilly0HealthcareNorth America
DFedex5TransportationNorth America
N/AGeneral Dynamics0IndustrialsNorth America
DQualcomm2Information TechnologyNorth America
C-General Electric36IndustrialsNorth America
DDelta Air Lines24TransportationNorth America
D-Williams Companies Inc14EnergyNorth America
D-Chevron50EnergyNorth America
C+Coca-Cola28Consumer StaplesNorth America
D-ConocoPhillips38EnergyNorth America
DDuke Energy42UtilitiesNorth America
D-Kinder Morgan19EnergyNorth America
D-Martin Marietta Materials3Construction MaterialsNorth America
C-NextEra Energy34UtilitiesNorth America
C-NRG Energy39UtilitiesNorth America
C-XCEL Energy41UtilitiesNorth America
C-American Airlines Group23TransportationNorth America
B-HP Inc30Information TechnologyNorth America
D-Canadian Natural Resources Ltd (CNRL)24EnergyNorth America
D-Caterpillar3IndustrialsNorth America
D-Devon Energy19EnergyNorth America
DEnbridge27EnergyNorth America
C+Vistra Corp31UtilitiesNorth America
D+Alliant Energy Corp21UtilitiesNorth America
D-Ameren Corp20UtilitiesNorth America
CAvangrid28UtilitiesNorth America
DDTE Energy32UtilitiesNorth America
DEntergy Corp31UtilitiesNorth America
DAmerican Electric Power46UtilitiesNorth America
E+Berkshire Hathaway16IndustrialsNorth America
C-Raytheon Technologies Corporation (formerly United Technologies)10IndustrialsNorth America
C-Mastercard5FinancialsNorth America
E-Marathon Petroleum27EnergyNorth America
DPPL Corporation28UtilitiesNorth America
E-Valero Energy25EnergyNorth America
D-WEC Energy Group Inc26UtilitiesNorth America
BVF Corp20RetailingNorth America
B-Walmart Stores22RetailingNorth America
C-Eversource Energy30UtilitiesNorth America
CCummins36IndustrialsNorth America
BTrane Technologies (formerly Ingersoll-Rand)44IndustrialsNorth America
DBoeing27IndustrialsNorth America
DDominion Energy50UtilitiesNorth America
CFord Motor48AutomobilesNorth America
CGeneral Motors47AutomobilesNorth America
D+Occidental Petroleum31EnergyNorth America
D+Bunge Limited5Consumer StaplesNorth America
C+PepsiCo39Consumer StaplesNorth America
C-Weyerhaeuser Company4Paper & Forest ProductsNorth America
C+Colgate-Palmolive7Consumer StaplesNorth America
DDow Inc39ChemicalsNorth America
D+Lockheed Martin6IndustrialsNorth America
DPACCAR13AutomobilesNorth America
B-Amazon25RetailingNorth America
C+DuPont32ChemicalsNorth America
DEmerson Electric7IndustrialsNorth America
D-Cheniere Energy14EnergyNorth America
D+Suncor Energy33EnergyNorth America
N/AGilead Sciences0HealthcareNorth America
B+Mars17Consumer StaplesNorth America
B-AES Corporation37UtilitiesNorth America
D-FirstEnergy Corp27UtilitiesNorth America
BApple33Information TechnologyNorth America
CJohnson & Johnson16HealthcareNorth America
B-Alphabet28Information TechnologyNorth America
D-Cenovus Energy30EnergyNorth America
DAmerican Tower1TelecommunicationsNorth America
DSchlumberger8EnergyNorth America
D+Honeywell International17IndustrialsNorth America
C-Intel16Information TechnologyNorth America
B-Salesforce46Information TechnologyNorth America
C+BlackRock13Asset ManagementNorth America
A-Adobe16Information TechnologyNorth America
DAllstate Corporation0FinancialsNorth America
DAmerican Express4FinancialsNorth America
D+American International Group5FinancialsNorth America
CBank Of America15BanksNorth America
CBNY Mellon8FinancialsNorth America
C+Capital One Financial6FinancialsNorth America
CCitigroup19BanksNorth America
CGoldman Sachs13FinancialsNorth America
D-Union Pacific11TransportationNorth America
C-Visa4FinancialsNorth America
C-Wells Fargo9BanksNorth America
DSouthern Company40UtilitiesNorth America
DHome Depot2RetailingNorth America
C+Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E)65UtilitiesNorth America
D-Sempra40UtilitiesNorth America
DWalt Disney2MediaNorth America
B-Consolidated Edison36UtilitiesNorth America
DExxonMobil52EnergyNorth America
EPhillips 6623EnergyNorth America
C-Procter & Gamble13Consumer StaplesNorth America
D+United Airlines30TransportationNorth America
C+Exelon61UtilitiesNorth America
C+Meta (formerly Facebook)19Information TechnologyNorth America
DInternational Paper Company8Paper & Forest ProductsNorth America
B-Microsoft41Information TechnologyNorth America
C-IBM14Information TechnologyNorth America
C3M10IndustrialsNorth America
DAbbott Laboratories0HealthcareNorth America
DAbbvie Inc1HealthcareNorth America
C-Altria Group6Consumer StaplesNorth America
B-Biogen26HealthcareNorth America
N/ABooking Holdings2Information TechnologyNorth America
DBristol Myers Squibb0HealthcareNorth America
N/ACharter Communications2TelecommunicationsNorth America
D+Comcast2TelecommunicationsNorth America
N/ACostco0RetailingNorth America
DCVS Health2RetailingNorth America
N/ADanaher0HealthcareNorth America
C-J.P. Morgan16FinancialsNorth America
N/AKraft Heinz1Consumer StaplesNorth America
DLowes Companies2RetailingNorth America
B-McDonald's28Food ProductsNorth America
DMedtronic2HealthcareNorth America
D+Merck & Co.7HealthcareNorth America
C-Mondelez International4Consumer StaplesNorth America
C+Morgan Stanley14FinancialsNorth America
CNetflix4Information TechnologyNorth America
B-Nike Inc23Consumer StaplesNorth America
B+Paypal Holdings20FinancialsNorth America
N/ASimon Property Group2RetailingNorth America
B-Starbucks14Consumer StaplesNorth America
CTarget11RetailingNorth America
BTesla31AutomobilesNorth America
DTexas Instruments0Information TechnologyNorth America
DThermo Fisher Scientific2HealthcareNorth America
D+U.S. Bancorp1FinancialsNorth America
D+United Parcel Service (UPS)11TransportationNorth America
DUnitedHealth Group2HealthcareNorth America
C-Verizon Communications6TelecommunicationsNorth America
N/AWalgreens Boots Alliance4RetailingNorth America
C-CMS Energy Corp23UtilitiesNorth America
DEvergy10UtilitiesNorth America
B-Uber21Commercial ServicesNorth America
E-Targa Resources5EnergyNorth America
ECoterra Energy9EnergyNorth America
DCargill14Food ProductsNorth America
D+JetBlue13TransportationNorth America
C-Southwest Airlines9TransportationNorth America
C+Public Service Enterprise Group57UtilitiesNorth America
DNewmont Corporation5Metals & MiningNorth America
AAmerican Clean Power Association (formerly AWEA)50All SectorsNorth America
FAmerican Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM)51EnergyNorth America
FNational Mining Association (NMA)27Metals & MiningNorth America
C-American Chemistry Council (ACC)32ChemicalsNorth America
FAmerica's Power (ACCCE)32EnergyNorth America
AZero Emission Transportation Association (ZETA)29AutomobilesNorth America
D-Natural Gas Supply Association (NGSA)33EnergyNorth America
DAirlines for America (A4A)34TransportationNorth America
FCalifornia Chamber of Commerce (CalChamber)46All SectorsNorth America
FAmerican Petroleum Institute (API)51EnergyNorth America
C-Edison Electric Institute47UtilitiesNorth America
AAdvanced Energy United (AEU)55All SectorsNorth America
D+Business Roundtable21All SectorsNorth America
ENational Association of Manufacturers (NAM)38All SectorsNorth America
E-US Chamber of Commerce40All SectorsNorth America
C+American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI)21Metals & MiningNorth America
E-American Gas Association30EnergyNorth America
E-Business Council of New York State (BCNYS)12All SectorsNorth America
B+Clean Energy Buyers Alliance (CEBA)19All SectorsNorth America
E+Tennessee Chamber of Commerce & Industry13All SectorsNorth America
C-Alliance for Automotive Innovation31AutomobilesNorth America
N/AAmerican Wood Council2MaterialsNorth America
ASolar Energy Industries Association (SEIA)41All SectorsNorth America
FFlorida Chamber of Commerce9All SectorsNorth America
E-Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA)43EnergyNorth America
E-Texas Association of Business14Business ServicesNorth America
C-Portland Cement Association (PCA)26Construction MaterialsNorth America
CAerospace Industries Association (AIA)24TransportationNorth America